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Crocoblock is a set of various WordPress plugins tailored to help you create your sites from the ground up with Elementor builder, and touts itself as an “all-in-one service for building WordPress Elementor sites.”

Jet plugins can be individually purchased, but the more economical option is getting the full package for access to everything.

CrocoBlock includes:

  • Jet plugins – Suite of 15 WordPress plugins tailor-made to help you improve your Elementor experience with new widgets and visual effects accessible in Elementor itself. These plugins can also be purchased individually.
  • Templates – CrocoBlock also includes new Elementor templates for you to utilize on your WordPress site.
  • Kava Pro theme – This is a theme that is specifically designed to work well with Elementor.

The Jet Plugins suite comes with a plethora of plugins for you to use in conjunction with Elementor. These plugins include:

  • JETELEMENTS – packs more than 40 widgets to fit all of your WordPress needs.
  • JETMENU – allows you to customize your menu with various styles and add more to your mega menu items as well.
  • JETTABS – change tab layout in accordance with your needs, whether you want them arranged vertically or horizontally.
  • JETBLOG – comes with widgets that allow you to display blog posts in a variety of stylish ways.
  • JETREVIEWS – will provide you with options for making eye-catching rating bars and stylish-looking review sections.
  • JETWOOBUILDER – works in conjunction with WooCommerce widgets to create unique and appealing product page templates for you to use with Elementor.
  • JETTRICKS – will add additional visual effect options to your WordPress content.
  • JETTHEMECORE – provides you with premade content blocks and widgets for creating stylish and appealing pages.
  • JETBLOCKS – give you the option to add and customize your logo, login and search forms, as well as hamburger and navigation menus, among many other parts.
  • JETENGINE – provides you with everything you need for implementing and editing dynamic content.
  • JETPOPUP – gives you the tools you need for building popups of almost any sort with a drag-and-drop method as well as customize positioning and trigger events for your popups.
  • JETSMARTFILTERS – gives you user-friendly AJAX filters that you can apply to your content to create customs terms, posts, and WooCommerce products.
  • JETPRODUCTGALLERY – gives you everything you could want for showcasing your product images and videos as anchored images, a gallery, or a slider.
  • JETSEARCH – can add a fast search block to any Elementor page.
  • JETCOMPAREWISHLIST – gives you the option to add item comparisons and wishlist functions to your store.