A small company that builds big furnaces.

We are a family-owned company: this reflects in the close relationship with Our customers, in the attention we put into Our projects, in the dynamic and fast communication between customer and manufacturer.

Our furnaces

Trusted by the big guys

The passion for the world of industrial machines and thermal treatments has led Us, during our 20 years of activity, to confront with small and big companies from all over the world and in many different industry applications that space from mechanical industry to diamond tools production.

We're constantly improving our furnaces

MWS was born from the will of Roberto Marchiori to create a company capable of constant evolution and experimentation of the products.

After developing nearly 10 years as salesman in the heat treatment furnace industry, He invested into the creation of what today is MWS.

Over the years We have been able to form a professional and dedicated team of employees that share Our passion for MWS products.

Today the company performs the production of heat treatment furnaces from project phase to startup at the customers’ factory, with all the phases of production carefully performed and supervised at MWS’ headquarters in Rosà (Vicenza province, Italy). We are proud to offer a complete after-sale assistance for Our customers.

When You buy an MWS furnace You start to work with a company that is completely focused on improvement and mutual growth. If You need to implement thermal treatment on Your products, contact Us to know Our best solution for Your needs.