Bell Furnaces

The material is placed inside a steel “bell”, that can be static or mobile.

Working Temperatures
from 530 C° to 1100 C° (986 F° to 2012 F°)
Muffle diameter from 300×300 H to 900×900 H mm with Max. load of 1000 Kg.
Energy efficiency class

Class 2 AMS 2750 +/- 6 C°

The structure of bell furnaces develops vertically. The structure is formed by a base, a heating chamber and one or more muffles (bells) inside which the material is positioned. The base, the heating chamber and the muffles may be fix or mobile. Once the thermal treatment is completed, the muffle can shift with the heating chamber above a quench tank or to the next treatment position. The heating is achieved with gas or electricity, with burners, radiant tubes or resistances.

Structure's description

The structure of Our bell furnaces are made of solid steel tubes and profiles. The muffle is made of refractory steels for high temperatures and contains the atmosphere, while the insulation is made of ceramic fibre and other refractory materials that ensure minimal thermal dispersion.

Common heat treatments
Mechanical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Precious metals treatment
  • Minimal footprint on floor level.
  • Modular structure, developed to follow customer requirements.
  • Structure and process can be 100% automated
  • Non-continuous production.
  • It is possible to develop fully automatic treatment lines, totally customisable to fulfil customer’s requirements.
  • Custom size of furnace.
  • Aesthetic customisation.
  • Forced ventilation
  • High temperature uniformity
  • Dedicated software for automatic management
  • Possible vacuum treatments

What you get

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Touchscreen panel
Every MWS furnace has a user-friendly touch screen display, from which the User can control the work parameters of the machine.
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Choose the color
MWS colours are blue and white. Alternatively, it is possible to ask a custom paint job with colours of Your choice.
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Lifetime support

We guarantee lifetime assistance, via phone or email. If your furnace is connected to the internet, we’ll also be able to remotely check the status of the machine and offer a quick and precise diagnostic.

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Spare parts for free
All components with manufacturing defects will be replaced by spare parts, free of charge, for the first year of work of the furnace. The electronic components will have an extended 24 months warranty.
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CE certification
All our furnaces are built under the CE safety and quality requirements.
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Made in Italy
We are proud to say that all Our furnaces are built in Italy.
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We built both standard furnaces and custom furnaces.

What you can get

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Remote control

Our furnaces can be connected to the internet. This enables Our technicians to perform a checkup of the machine to guarantee fast and precise diagnosis.

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You don’t want to think about the packaging? No problem! MWS can do it for You. Our packaging guarantees the maximum safety for road or naval shipments.

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Trasport planning
If You don’t want to think about transport, MWS can do it for You. We cooperate with various international shipment companies with competitive pricing.
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We will personally train Your staff: from today You can forget any user problem when You move on to new furnaces.
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Assembly at your factory
Our specialised technicians can assembly the furnace at Your factory.
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The startup phase, especially when purchasing new machines, often requires a good know-how to perform it correctly and speed it up. MWS specialized technicians can perform the startup of Our furnaces to reduce the time required.
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Digital recorder

MWS furnaces can be equipped with digital recorder to store and print heat treatment reports and graphs, both to store the data and apply certifications to them.