Superficial enrichment of metal with Carbon to increase resistance.
  • Increased superficial wear resistance
  • Increased corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Good internal toughness of the piece
  • Cons

    This thermochemical treatment is an enrichment of a metal surface with carbon, this increases its resistance to wear and fatigue because it creates a superficial layer of martensite.

    The phases of this treatment are:

    • Superficial carbon enrichment
    • Oil quench
    • Tempering

    It is performed in controlled atmosphere by using mixes of gas (methane, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon vapors etc.).

    Common usages

    It enhances the superficial resistance of a piece, usually the carburized pieces are subject to rubbing and wear such as gears, joints, lathe chucks, joints.

    It is done on steel with an appropriate chemical composition, therefore steels containing C<0.20% or elements such as Manganese that helps Carbon absorption.

    Recommended Furnaces